23rd July - Crew Points

Work together as a team with your crew buddies to take control of zones all around San Andreas.

Crew points are a new feature which gives more gameplay to crews, this feature allows them to fight other crews in order to take control of parts of the map. To take control of a point a 300 second (5 Minute) battle takes place. A minimum of two crew members must be in the zone at all times otherwise the takeover will fail.

1. Where can I start a takeover

Each main city has two points, we may add more in the future but are not sure how it's going to play out, more information to come later.

  • LS - LS Observtory
  • LS - Glen Park
  • SF - SF Drug Factory
  • SF - Downtown SF Square
  • LV - Greenglass College
  • LV - Bandit Stadium

2. How to start a takeover

To start a takeover you must have two crew members within a zone.

You can then start a takeover by walking into the checkpoint (will look similar to the photo), and using option '1'.

Once your start a takeover, the crew who is currently controlling the zone will be sent a notification and have the chance to kick you out (by killing you).

3. How do I win a takeover

If your crew completes the 300 second battle while having at least two members within the zone at all times you will automatically takeover the zone.

The crew who is currently controlling the zone will attempt to kill you, or do any means possible to get you out of the zone.

4. How do I lose a takeover

A takeover will be lost if at anytime you have less than two crew members in the zone.

29th June

  • Have re-added the /gps menu, have had to remove the arrows & road navigation due to crashes.
  • Added a jail command for admins.
  • New players can /reclass until they reach 15 score.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'hits completed' statistic.

28th June

  • New wanted system has been added (better reduction method rather than random) - System Explained.
  • You will not lose any stars if a cop is within 150m of your location.
  • The pro-tip which displays the richest player will show you how much you'd rob from them.
  • Business / house / buildings labels are shown from further away.
  • The country checker in the connect box will now display your crew tag instead of your country code.
  • Added bomb shops to fort carson, bayside, montgomery & angel pine.
  • Added membership clubs to LS / LV / SF. All are at the cities respective county clubs.
  • Fixed an issue with medical fees not being paid (has an on-going affect to fix the vehicle disappearing issue as well).

27th June

  • Added in three new vehicles to the police garage (Premier, Buffalo & PCJ-600) - All vehicles spawn with a police siren (can't see it, but makes sound).
  • Added a plane / helicopter shop to each airport (LS,SF,LV & VM), sells various planes / helicopters - includes a rustler.
  • Reduced all train fast travel prices from 10k to 5k.
  • Added the ability for cops to /tk using the '2' button.
  • Added the ability for medics to heal using the '2' button.
  • Fixed issue with criminals not being able to pay tickets with the '2' button.
  • Asset taxes / wealth taxes are paid directly from your bank account.
  • Added help menu to police / CIA / FBI classes.
  • Added help menu to criminal class.
  • Fixed an issue with when you get arrested by death and you don't spawn at the nearest PD.
  • Added the amount of business / factory units to /businesses.
  • Added a /factories command - is excatly the same as /businesses.
  • Made business weapons cheaper, they're now only a little bit more expensive than ammunation.

26th June

  • Members now have the ability to plant 20 drug plants instead of 10.
  • Changed the factory unit sell price to 50 from 55.
  • Changed the business unit buy price to 90 from 100.
  • Changes above mean businesses & factories generate the same amount of income. However, businesses require stock to keep going, so if you forget to restock your business you wont make money, were as factories require little work. Businesses can sell units to other players, meaning you could make more if it's often selling food / weaponary. Places like gas stations also sell units when people /repair/refuel, so that'd mean businesses make more money if they also have stock.
  • Added three new car shops, fort carson, montgomery & Angel Pine.
  • Added a 'duffel backpack' to the drug dealer shop, allows you to hold 5000 drugs at a time.
  • Fixed an issue with buying cars and it's locked to somebody else.
  • The police class will now have a box just above the connect box which shows where the nearest criminal is.
  • There will be a pro-tip type message that randomly appears showing who has the most in-hand money and their location.
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles randomly disappearing.

25th June

  • Have added fast travel options to the train stations. You can travel to any station for $10k.
  • Added a new textdraw just above the connection box. Will be used for notifications & robbery information.
  • Added the ability to /cancelhit within the first 60 seconds of the hit contract.
  • Added the ability to kill the placer to get your hit contract cancelled.
  • If you're arrested by death then you don't pay medical fees.

24th June

  • EDIT: The export vehicles will now return triple the value of the vehicle rather than just double
  • Added a feature that will stop the 'Firing in public' message appear giving you above 5 stars (this means you can still rob & shoot police.
  • Changed the distance requirement for the cop for 'Firing in public' message from 200 to 150.
  • When Mr.PartyMan joins the server it will announce 'It's Party Time!!'
  • Testing: To cut down on FM / UD camping I've allowed cops to enter the buildings VIA the front door, I may remove / change but will see how it goes.
  • Police officers can enter player owned factories if a wanted user is inside.
  • Added /membership feature - this lets you see how many remaining days you have AND lets you purchase 1 months membership for 8mil in-game.

22nd June

  • Added a fast travel option at each airport. You can travel to LS Airport, SF Airport, LV Airport & Verdant Meadows for $10k.
  • When a member logs in the JOIN: tag in the bottom right will be purple / pink instead of green.

21st June

I have been updating the server little by little over the past 2 weeks and have not been updating the changelog.

  • You can now only store general vehicles in your personal garages (All server spawn vehicles & most car shop vehicles).
  • I have added a new $networth quick chat, this shows the amount of all your property values / banks & money / bank money combined.
  • Added a highscore for networth (see the highscores page), you must login for a few minutes for your value to update.
  • If you shoot within range of a police officer (or fbi / cia), you will be given 2 wanted levels. This will happen every 10 seconds (time may change).
  • Added /gpsoff to disable your current GPS route.
  • Added an on-screen announcement for users when they win the lottery (Shows only for the winning user).
  • Fixed an issue with the assets tax calculations (Businesses / Factories weren't being taxes). You will probably see a decent jump in your asset tax due to this (value may change)..

11th June

Not all changes have been included below, I usually wouldn't do a changelog update if it was for fixes but next time you login you may notice your house / business names changed.

  • Fixed an issue with spaces in business / house names.
  • All house / business names have been changed to the house / business owner.
    You're able to change these again, it was just changed to fix an issue.